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Ubuntu 7.10 Linux Unleashed presents كتاب لاحتراف ابونتو لينكس

Posted by dragonmm2010 في أبريل 22, 2008

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone searching for guidance on using Ubuntu and primarily focuses on
Intel-based PC platforms. Although the contents are aimed at intermediate to advanced
users, even new users with a bit of computer savvy will benefit from the advice, tips,
tricks, traps, and techniques presented in each chapter. Pointers to more detailed or
related information are also provided at the end of each chapter.
If you are new to Linux, you might need to learn some new computer skills, such as how
to research your computer’s hardware, how to partition a hard drive, and (occasionally)
how to use a command line. This book helps you learn these skills and shows you how to
learn more about your computer, Linux, and the software included with Ubuntu. System
administrators with experience using other operating systems can use the information in
this book to install, set up, and run common Linux software services, such as the Network
File System (NFS), a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, and a web server (using Apache,
among others)

What This Book Contains

Ubuntu Unleashed is organized into six parts, covering installation and configuration,
Ubuntu on the desktop, system administration, programming and housekeeping, and a
reference section. A disc containing the entire distribution is included so that you have
everything you need to get started. This book starts by covering the initial and essential
tasks required to get Ubuntu installed and running on a target system.
If you are new to Linux, and more specifically Ubuntu, first read the chapters in Part I,
“Installation and Configuration.” You will get valuable information on the following:
. Detailed steps that walk you through installation
. Critical advice on key configuration steps to fully install and configure Linux to
work with your system’s subsystems or peripherals, such as pointers, keyboards,
modems, USB devices, power management, and—for laptop users—PCMCIA devices
. Initial steps needed by new users transitioning from other computing environments
. Configuration and use of the X Window System, the graphical interface for Linux
Part II, “Desktop Ubuntu,” is aimed at users who want to get productive with Ubuntu and
covers the following:
. Becoming familiar with the X Window System and looking at GNOME and KDE
. Discovering the many productivity applications that come with Ubuntu
. Surfing the Internet and working with email and newsgroups

. Using Ubuntu to listen to music and watch video
. Using Ubuntu to download and manipulate images from digital cameras
. Setting up local printers for Ubuntu
. Understanding the current state of gaming for Linux
Moving beyond the productivity and desktop areas of Ubuntu, Part III, “System
Administration,” covers the following:
. Managing users and groups
. Automating tasks and using shell scripts
. Monitoring system resources and availability
. Backup strategies and software
. Network connectivity, including sharing folders and securing the network
. Internet connectivity via dial-up and broadband connections
. Building and deploying web servers
. Database creation, management, and manipulation
. File and print servers
. Using FTP for serving files across the Internet and local networks
. Building and deploying email servers using Postfix and managing mailing lists
. Creating remote access gateways and services
. Configuring DNS for your network
. Using LDAP for storing information on users and security
. Configuring a local news server
Part IV, “Programming Linux,” provides a great introduction to how you can extend
Ubuntu capabilities even further using the development tools supplied with it. This part
covers the following:
. Programming in Perl, using variables and scripting
. An introduction to the Python language
. Writing PHP scripts and linking them to databases
. C and C++ programming tools available with Ubuntu and how to use the GNU C
Compiler (gcc)

Part V, “Ubuntu Housekeeping,” looks at some of the more advanced skills you need to
keep your system running in perfect condition, including the following:
. Securing your machine against attack from outsiders and viruses
. Performance tuning
. Command-line masterclass
. Advanced apt
. Kernel and module management and compilation
An extensive reference in Part VI, “Appendixes,” gives you scope to explore in even more
depth some of the topics covered in this book as well as providing historical context to
Ubuntu and installation resources.

كتاب مهم ومفيد جدا لكل المبتداين والمحترفين في الابونتو  ايضا في الابونتو الكتاب للتحميل المجاني

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