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Ubuntu Lucid Lynx release party at Cairo University

Posted by dragonmm2010 في أبريل 26, 2010

ubuntu party

Ubuntu-eg is organizing a Release Party on Saturday May 8th at Cairo University for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx release. The release party will help installing the new Ubuntu release beside some sessions will be available

How to install Ubuntu – Mohammed Saudi
Desktop programming using Qt – Ahmed Toulan
Desktop programming using GTK – Mohamed Habib
Drupal – AbdelRahman Ghareeb
Joomla – Jonathan
Software Alternatives and Desktop walkthrough – Mahmoud Mohammed

So, everyone is invited. The event is useful and interesting. Hoping to see you there

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3 تعليقات to “Ubuntu Lucid Lynx release party at Cairo University”

  1. Ahmed Abdel Salam said

    خدمة رائعة من مجموعة اوبنتو مصر
    ونحن في انتظار التوزيعة الجديدة
    يوم الخميس القادم ان شاء الله
    وفقكم الله

  2. فعلا مجموعه ابونتو مصر الان في نشاط جيد لابد من ذكر هذا
    ونحن جميعا في انتظار التوزيعه الجديده شكرا احمد ع التعليق

  3. good effort for suppoting ubuntu but still need more and more in other governates to encourage ubuntu users to continue using it and solving the proplems facing the users especially in open office is still under than ms office

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